Bagatelle offers a full package private label service for department stores and specialty retailers.

Clients include Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Lord&Taylor, Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Dillard’s, and Chico’s.

Product categories include a full assortment of sportswear and outerwear, providing retailers with a variety of opportunities to create unique, exclusive products for their online shop or retail floor.

Buyers and merchandisers are encouraged to visit the Bagatelle design studio and showroom in NYC to view the current collections and learn more.


Bagatelle is fully equipped to support the needs of private label customers from product development and material sourcing through the product approval process.

VP of Product Development, Anne King, leads a team of design experts who adapt to each customer’s unique needs.

Designers are strategically paired with private label customers to ensure fit, color, and fabric needs are met with exacting precision.

Ever-aligned with current and emerging trends, Bagatelle’s design team is comprised of experts who specialize in a wide range of fabrications with the ability to source even the most elusive of raw materials.

Years of experience enable them to offer effective recommendations throughout the approval process, which includes CAD renderings, sample production, and meticulous fittings.


From nationwide department stores to specialty boutiques, Bagatelle offers streamlined logistics services for all private label partners.

The Bagatelle logistics team seamlessly meets the demand of the modern marketplace—where even a minor delay can have major impact—with a full understanding of compliance, customs processes, and legal regulations.

Logistics & Compliance Manager, Richard Nelson, has developed long-standing relationships with global supply chain and logistics management companies, as well as warehousing teams.

This ensures each valued customer’s order is handled with extreme care while adhering to specific requirements. Team members in Canada, the U.S., and around the world have a profound understanding of the Bagatelle customer’s needs and they connect on a daily basis to make the “magic” happen.

The Logistics Team verifies the necessary arrangements for shipment, streamlining communication between forwarder and suppliers while relaying accurate information to each customer’s logistics department and ensuring all export documentation is complete.

Bagatelle provides full LDP and POE Los Angeles port services, as well as FOB Asian ports to its customers' consolidators.

With global logistics partners, Bagatelle provides the following services:

Worldwide Ocean & Air Coverage
Competitive and Stable Pricing
Customs Brokerage
Marine Insurance Cover
Warehousing and Store-ready Packing
Export Documentation
C-TPAT Certified and Validated
Factory Compliance and Audits
Testing Requirements and Garment Inspection


VP of Production, Diane Eng, along with her team of QC experts, maintains an intimate working relationship with Bagatelle’s factory partners to ensure the brand's exceptional quality standards are met with each product.

The company’s production motto is “only perfect garments get shipped”, ensuring customer expectations are routinely exceeded.

Bagatelle’s China office allows for careful monitoring of the manufacturing process.

The company trains factory workers and production managers to reinforce a “right the first time” culture while holding crucial pre-production meetings with department heads to kickstart each order with complete synergy.

The team of expert QC’s in China understand Bagatelle’s strict requirements and standards, adhering to guidelines even more stringent than most customers require.

Inspectors maintain a presence in factories daily to communicate with the production team and solve problems as soon as they arise.

Bagatelle places immense importance on the social responsibility of manufacturing resources. All Bagatelle manufacturing partners are socially compliant.


The Bagatelle team is ready to assist you in designing and manufacturing exceptional products.